Tianma America, Inc. (TMA) is a leading provider of small to medium size display solutions to the Americas, utilizing cutting edge technologies from Tianma Microelectronics and Tianma Japan Ltd. and the state-of-the-art manufacturing resources of the Tianma Group factories. TMA offers a comprehensive range of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) products and associated technologies. Products include passive character and monochrome, as well as TFT and LTPS-TFT LCD products, with standard product sizes ranging from 2.2-inch to 30.0-inch and resolutions from QVGA to UHD.
The company offers leading edge display technologies including SFT/IPS, transflective, PCAP touch, high bright, 3D and more. Target markets for TMA include but are not limited to: automotive, avionics, communication, construction, HMI, industrial, marine, medical, POS, as well as consumer.


CUI is a technology company focused on the development and distribution of electronic components. At the leading edge of power supply design, the organization supports customers as they strive to improve the energy efficiency and environmental credentials of their application. The company’s power group is complemented by a portfolio of world-class board level components, consisting of interconnect, sound, motion control and thermal products.


BCM Advanced Research has grown rapidly in the computer motherboard industry, transforming itself from a high-volume manufacture for many of the top brand name personal computer companies of the 1990s to a recognized embedded motherboard value leader for companies looking to reduce costs yet maintain product stability in their PC based/ controlled products. Today BCM is known as one of the global suppliers of industrial motherboards and embedded computing systems in the industry. BCM offers wide ranges of standard products as well as flexible custom design services for their ODM/OEM customers. You’ll find our products in many of the everyday devices you encounter including self-serve kiosks, POS, digital security systems, sophisticated medical equipment, airport x-ray scanners, slot machines, digital signage, automated lottery terminals, advanced testing and measurement equipment. BCM products are manufactured to the highest quality in ISO 9001/14001/13485 facilities with an emphasis on flexibility and cost effectiveness.

IMI invests considerable resources in design and engineering to continuously improve on quality, reliability, and performance at reasonable costs. They do this in close collaboration with our customers from the design stage, and well into manufacturing. Their Design & Development Group has extensive competencies in electronic design, mechanical design, and software development.

Allion USA’s primary focus is in technical product validation. From component-level through system-level testing, they’ve developed testing methodologies that are accurate, measurable and repeated. They take into account a wide range of user scenarios and deployments both in a controlled lab and real-world environments to secure the best results. Allion engineers combine their technical skills and creativity to develop new testing approaches that fit your needs.

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